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PERODUA Axia/ Kancil/ Kembara【OSK Fuel Filter】
Price RM5.90 - RM24.90
Brand OSK
Size (L x W x H) 48 cm x 48 cm x 52 cm
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  • Removes moisture
  • Prevents fuel injector becoming rusty
  • Higher engine performance
  • Save fuels
  • Sustains consistently high engine performance even in extreme temperature


Recommended typical interval time for filters changing:

Air filter : 30,000 km / 1 year

Note: All fuel filter is not recommended to be blew by compressor. It causes damage to the structure and make loss function of filtration.

Main Application:

PERODUA AXIA (P/F 23300-87216)

Height: 51 mm
Outer Diameter: 45 mm
Outer Diameter 2: 38 mm

PERODUA KEMBARA (P/F 23300-87401)

Height: 132 mm
Outer Diameter: 70 mm

PERODUA KANCIL(F/F 23300-87214)

Height: 50 mm
Outer Diameter: 55 mm

OSK Filter Feature:

  • 100% Korea media paper
  • Well fits to the housing and optimum seal to prevent any bypassing.
  • Optimum pleat geometry and stability by special designed embossing.
  • Sustains consistently high engine performance even in extreme temperature.
  • Consistently high filtration even in humid and wet condition.

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OSK Fuel Filter